The start to a great week as on Monday I eased on down 65-S all by myself and I had the most fun as I listened to Ron Troupe non-stop and jacked my body as I dictated a new course in my head. Normally I leave out after I have worked all day and I arrive exhausted but this time I stopped, shopped and ate a wonderful dinner because faith+ planning is allowing me to live in my season free of stress. I was even cool with waking up at 5:00 AM CST to start class at 7:00 AM CST without one curse word to myself about how early it was in my world. By 2:00pm on Tuesday I back in Chicago in time to enjoy an early dinner with Stephen. The older I get the better life gets as long as I remain focused on learning the lesson.
(at Marki Lemons Unlimited)

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Austin and I are out and reconnecting with local businesses. Our next event will be at GreenLine and free to the residents of Washington Park and Woodlawn. What do you want to learn about Social Media? #GoodCoffee #AmazingWaffles #SocialMediaEducationin60637 (at Greenline Coffee)